Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years 2007!

While we were trekking, we heard about these great places to eat in Kathmandu. One was the Everest Steakhouse. This is where we had our New Year's Eve dinner before going out. It was located on a main road and the entrance guarded by a huge, dark, wooden door. Stepping inside, we were surprised to find that it was so simple, a few booths and tables, open space and the kitchen in the back. We chose a booth in the corner of the large room to enjoy our meal. Afterwards, we walked on over to the other highly acclaimed restaurant, The New Orleans Cafe. We started off with some mixed drinks that were entirely too strong. But we held our own, it was New Years of course! Then it was off to the Irish Pub (that's right, Irish in the heart of Kathmandu). I don't think a single Irish person worked there. But there was a band playing and we were one of the first to arrive, giving us the pick of the seats. We had a great time that night, met some new people, danced a little bit. BUT, there was no countdown! Normally, it's 3,2,1 Happy New Year! But at midnight everyone cheered and couples kissed. Even walking back to the Guest House was fun, people in the street, everyone happy. We had a great time. :p

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