Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu

“The lotus blossoms silently
The sunshine weaves a rainbow
A drop of water feeds an ocean
A split second becomes eternal.”

The Kung-Fu show was incredible! Our guide dropped the four of us off- Shawn, John, Rabya and I. We went inside, found our seats and scoped the place out. At the souvenier table they had a 10-in dancing Amish doll- it was so random and strange that we were cracking up at it. When we sat down there was this old woman sitting behind Shawn, leaning up against his seat with her arms. Then she was singing and humming, then when the show started she was making making ohh and ahhh noises. It was so annoying, and I could tell Shawn was fired up about it. Eventually, she quieted down. The show was a play/dance/kung fu/love story. Even the music was infectious and it matured with the growth of the little boy into a man. I think it's in the process of coming to NY- and I would see it again.

After the show, the audience piled out. John and Rabya stopped to buy something. Then, someone stole his wallet! What a sucky way to end the night. The driver was waiting for us outside and they were inside talking to the manager and filing a report and what not. Turns out that after the purchase, he slipped his wallet into his side coat pocket- an easy target for any pickpocket. Someone was watching him and got it that fast. He had insurance on everything so he was covered, now it was just a major inconvenience.

The Kung-Fu show was a delightful surprise and I think we were all happy we got to see it. Definitely worth the experience.
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